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How To Participate in #SteakChat


#SteakChat is the name of a conversation held on Twitter every week.

#SteakChat invites everyone who wants to discuss and share ideas about steak.

#SteakChat covers topics such as the many different tastes and textures produced by different cooking methods, cooking fuels, steak cuts, steak marbling, cattle breeds, cattle feed, and even different farms.

#SteakChat takes place every Wednesday at 8:00 pm ET (every Thursday at 0000 GMT) and lasts about one hour.

#SteakChat may be very fast-paced. It takes place in real time, as a streaming conversation. Think of #SteakChat as a group of friends having a discussion about steak while standing around a backyard grill or dining in a steak house.


#SteakChat welcomes everyone with an interest in the enjoyment of steak. This includes diners who love steak, professional chefs and backyard grillers who cook steak, butchers who prepare steak, farmers who raise beef cattle, and everyone else who is interested in steak.


Joining and participating in #SteakChat is easy for beginners.

The easiest way for beginners to join #SteakChat is to go to the Tweetchat website at -- and then type #steakchat as the 'room.'

You will then be able to read the conversation and to post your own responses.


A hashtag is how people follow conversations and everyone's tweets.

Our hashtag is #SteakChat. This is the # sign followed (without any space)by the name of our conversation. We have registered our hashtage #SteakChat officially for our weekly conversations.

Note that #SteakChat and #steakchat (different capitalizations) are exactly the same in all of these sites.

Every tweet must contain the #SteakChat hashtag. You can type it yourself or, if you use Twubs or Tweetchat, the hashtag will be typed automatically with every tweet, so it is not necessary for you to type it separately.

The hashtag is often put at the very end of the tweet, but it will work correctly no matter where in the tweet it is placed.


Some advanced users follow #SteakChat on Twitter itself by typing #SteakChat in the Search window on the right side of the screen. This is a little more difficult, however, because you will have to refresh the screen regularly, plus you have to type the #SteakChat hashtage in each tweet.

More advanced or regular participants may prefer to join through

The most advanced users may select another browser or program, such as TweetDeck, which is available on computers and mobile devides like the iPhone.


The very first question at the beginning of #SteakChat will be to ask people their names, locations and interest in steak. Most participants will introduce themselves with something like (for example): "Q1. Hi. I'm Jane in Tokyo. I love to cook steak for my friends." (See the next section for the meaning of "Q1".)

Some people prefer not to tweet. They are called "lurkers", because they follow the conversation ("convo") without tweeting themselves. It's okay if you'd prefer to lurk, but it's usually more fun and informative if you participate by tweeting.


During #SteakChat, the moderator asks a series of questions. Each question has a question number (Q-number), such as Q1 or Q2 etc.

These numbers are used in the archives so that others will be able to follow the questions and answers. Therefore, to make it easy for everyone, participants should begin each of their tweets (their answers) with the same question number.

For example, suppose that the Moderator's tweet is, "Q2: What is your favorite steak cut?" In this case, a proper response would be, "Q2 My favorite cut is the rib cap steak, because it is so beefy and tender and juicy."

So please use the Q-number with each of your tweets during #SteakChat.

In fact, this means that each of your tweets should begin with the Q-number and end with the hashtag #SteakChat.


If you have any more questions, send them by DM, tweet or other way (see below).


SteakPerfection welcomes your comments.  Please share them below.  Also, please let us know if you see any errors.  We try to ensure that all of the steak information that we provide is both accurate and supported by credible cites.  Thus, please let us about any errors, so that and we can correct them immediately.

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