Friday, September 9, 2011

Does Your Steak Cause Global Warming?


In the past year, claims that livestock produces significant greenhouses gasses have been discredited by new scientific evidence.

In fact, raising livestock for food accounts for about 3 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

In comparison, transportation creates 26 percent.


Those who promote the meat=heat misinformation are anti-meat extremists who use irrational, emotional arguments.

Many are hard-core vegetarians and vegans, whose goal is to eliminate all meat from everyone's diet.  Celebrities like Paul McCartney, an outspoken vegetarian, may be "well-intentioned", but they are ignorant about science and the complex relationships among human activity, animal digestion, food production and atmospheric chemistry.

Time and again their arguments are proven wrong.  What is their response?  Do they apologize for their errors and acknowledge the science?  No, of course not.  Like true-believers throughout history, when proven wrong, they deny any error, they attack the messenger, and they change their words but not their message.

For example, recent scientific evidence shows that average temperatures have declined.  So extremists deny that they erred, attack the science, and change their wording.  Thus, they no longer claim that your steak causes "global warming". Now they claim that your steak causes "climate change".


Why do anti-meat extremists ignore the science and continue to lie about the facts?  For more than two years, science proved that your steak and the cattle who produced it do not cause global warming.

Extremists are not concerned with science or truth.  They are driven by their emotions and beliefs.  Their goal is to eliminate meat from everyone's diet.  They do not care about facts.  They are true-believers who will intentionally lie to promote their goal.

They will continue to use unfounded claims to attack steak lovers and the beef cattle ranchers and farmers who produce the best steak in the world.

One of the worst results of the anti-meat extremists is the confusion they cause among those who do not know the science.  Extremists claim that science supports their claim that your steak causes global warming, even though they know that their claim is wrong and that science shows the opposite.  Science, along with the cattle industry, has become the victim of the anti-meat extremists.

For extremists:
Earth is their god.
Mankind is their devil.
Veganism is their religion.

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