Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twitter:  @SteakPerfection Followers


@SteakPerfection participates actively in Twitter on a daily basis.  @SteakPerfection joins conversations, answers questions and exchanges information to those who follow @SteakPerfection.


Those who should follow @SteakPerfection include those interested in learning about steak.  Our tweets focus exclusively on steak-related topics, including the following steak, beef and cattle-related topics:
  • History
  • Breeds
  • Sex (steer, bullock, bull, ox, heifer and cow)
  • Diet
  • Age at harvest
  • Harvesting procedure
  • USDA Inspection
  • USDA Grades
  • Marbling scores
  • Aging methods and time
  • Butchering
  • Cuts
  • Trimming and pre-cooking preparation
  • Cooking methods
  • Serving
  • Online steak sellers
  • Steakhouses and restaurants
  • Science and Technology
  • Palatability (taste, tenderness, texture and juiciness)
@SteakPerfection helps our followers select and cook (or order at a restaurant) the steak that most closely matches their ideal of steak perfection.  Since we limit our tweets solely to steak-related topics, we limit the topics of our tweets as follows:
  • No non-steak tweets
  • No idle chit-chat
  • No jokes
  • No non-steak recipes
  • No politics
  • No flames
In summary, we tweet about steak, and only about steak.  We learn about steak and help others to learn about steak.  We do not tweet about other topics.

@SteakPerfection knows that consumers have the right to know about their food. Steak consumers have the right to know as much about their steak as the ranchers, farmers, producers, processors, butchers and others who raised and sold the cattle, beef and steak. Such information must be available to consumers, so that they can make informed decisions about what steak they want to purchase.  All steak comes from cattle that is raised by hardworking, dedicated farmers and ranchers, and consumers have the right to choose among all types of steak, including conventional, natural, organic, grass-fed, branded, etc.


@SteakPerfection limits the number of those whom it is following, so that we can read their tweets and process their information.

We will be pleased to follow you, and we invite you to notify us if you tweet regularly about any steak-related topics, including the following:
  • Serving
  • Online steak sellers
  • Steakhouses and restaurants
  • Science and Technology
  • Palatability (taste, tenderness, texture and juiciness)
  • Agriculture, farming and ranching
  • History of Cattle, Beef and Steak
  • Breeds, numbers and markets for beef cattle
  • Grass- and grain-finished cattle ranchers
  • How age, sex, feed, geography and other variables of beef cattle affect the look, taste and texture of steak
  • Issues relating to the USDA, FDA, EPA and other agencies
  • Marbling scores
  • Butchering techniques and methods, including cuts of steak
  • Aging methods and time
  • Trimming and pre-cooking preparation
  • Cooking methods at home and restaurants
  • Serving steak, including accompanying
  • Online steak sellers
  • Steakhouses and restaurants
  • Science
  • Scientifically valid blind taste tests
Every week, @SteakPerfection uses the Tweepi cleanup tool to review and edit the list of those whom we are following.  We do not strive to inflate the numbers of our followers and therefore limit those whom we are following to those who provide information about steak and steak-related topics.


SteakPerfection welcomes your comments.  Please share them below.  SteakPerfection is a complex process that involves every detail, from pasture to plate.  Clink on the links below for our SteakPerfection sites:
A short link to this blog is http://bit.ly/wY3CCv

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