Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mission: Education

Education anchors SteakPerfection from pasture to plate. Our mission includes the goal that we educate others about SteakPerfection. We teach others and learn ourselves about the complex elements of cattle, beef and steak which are necessary to achieve SteakPerfection.

What is SteakPerfection? We explain the many elements that result in SteakPerfection. If an important element is eliminated, then the steak may be good or even great, but it cannot attain the pinnacle of true SteakPerfection. Our mission is to educate others about the exact meaning of SteakPerfection.

How can a restaurant guest recognize SteakPerfection? Most steak houses and fine restaurants strive to serve excellent steaks to their guests. Many succeed in serving steaks that are good; a few serve steaks that are great; but few restaurants around the world serve steaks that have attained SteakPerfection. Our mission includes identifying specific restaurants which serve good, great and perfect steaks. In addition, we help diners identify restsaurants and steakhouses which succeed in SteakPerfection.

How can an amateur cook attain SteakPerfection in a backyard setting? Most people love fine steaks, but very few know how to cook a fine steak. We explain the steps to achieving SteakPerfection, and we caution amateurs on the problems that they should avoid.

We explain about how steak is produced, including cattle, breed, sex, geography, feed, age, slaughter, grade, butchery, distribution, dry aging, trimming, cooking and the many other elements that contribute to SteakPerfection. We help others learn about what makes a steak perfect. We show them what makes a perfect steak different from an average steak, a good steak and even a great steak. We explain how a steak should be selected, aged, trimmed, seasoned, cooked and served.

We teach and demonstrate the art and science of SteakPerfection.

In addition, we ourselves are students, and we study constantly to educate ourselves and to learn more about SteakPerfection from farmers, ranchers, producers, feeders, butchers, agers, scientists, chefs and other steak masters and steak lovers.

SteakPerfection is a complex process that involves every detail, from pasture to plate.

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