Friday, November 27, 2009

Mission: SteakPerfection

"SteakPerfection is our mission."

We organize our mission into four separate functions: education, research, consultion and promotion.

EDUCATION. We teach others and learn ourselves about the complex elements of cattle, beef and steak which are necessary to achieve SteakPerfection.

RESEARCH. We conduct direct research and sponsor, support and report the research of others about the complex elements of SteakPerfection.

CONSULTATION. We provide consultation services to professionals in the cattle, beef and steak-related business in the areas of management, finance, quality, preparation and other areas of SteakPerfection.

PROMOTION. We make media appearances, give interviews, write articles, produce films, conduct seminars and do other promotions of SteakPerfection.

Our SteakPerfection twitter, blog and website are dedicated exclusively to SteakPerfection.

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  1. I would like to hear your description of the perfect beef animal. Being a cattle rancher, there is always talk about the right breed as it makes a difference to the sale price and the top line.

    David Johnson
    Shoreline Stock Farm