Thursday, April 29, 2010

Does Black Angus Steak Taste Better?

Brett Hodges posed this question on March 12, 2010, at


SteakPerfection is aware of no scientifically valid blind taste test that compares steaks that are different in breed but alike in all other respects (i.e. the same age, feed, marbling, etc).

There are three possible outcomes to a valid test:
  1. Black Angus steak tastes better;
  2. non-Black Angus steak tastes better;  and
  3. Black Angus steak and non-Black Angus steak taste the same. 
SteakPerfection will be undertaking these kinds of valid tests to compare the tastes of steak from different breeds. However, such tests are both expensive and time consuming.

To be valid, the blind taste test must be reproducable. This means that the testers must be able to repeat the results accurately and consistently.


In the meantime, steak masters are invited to conduct their own tastes tests to compare the taste of steak from different breeds of cattle. Those who conduct these tests should be sure that the steak comes from different breeds but is otherwise identical, so that the taste test compares "apples with apples".

For example, a comparison of a Black Angus steak with a Friesian steak would be valuable, if both steaks came from cattle that had the same feed, were slaughtered at the same age, and that were graded the same (e.g. USDA Choice Grade) with the same marbling score, the same cut (e.g. top loin), the same thickness, and were cooked in exactly the same way. Again, to be a valid test, both steaks must be identical, except as to the cattle breed.

Please share the results of your blind taste tests in comments here and at


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