Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Does Your Steak Cause Global Warming?

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For those who want to know whether or not livestock (especially beef cattle) are responsible for global warming, read the latest CNN news report and the latest FoxNews report. Much of the information in these articles was taken from a scientific, peer-reviewed study last year, as reported in a blog by Dr. Chris Raines, of PennState.

In summary, claims that livestock produces significant greenhouses gasses have been discredited by new evidence. In fact, "raising animals for food accounts for about 3 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., while transportation creates an estimated 26 percent."

Celebrities like Paul McCartney, an outspoken vegetarian, may be "well-intentioned" but "not well-schooled in the complex relationships among human activities, animal digestion, food production and atmospheric chemistry." Many who promote the "meat = heat" misinformation are hard-core vegetarians and vegans who strive to eliminate meat from everyone's diet.

Their emotionally-driven, anti-scientific approach led to climate-gate, in which true-believers in global warming knowingly and intentionally used fraudulent data to cover up the evidence that there has been no global warming in the UK over the last 15 years. Even the U.N.'s own researchers had to admit that their forecasts of melting Himalayan glaciers, disappearing polar ice caps, and dwindling Amazon rainforests were based on shoddy evidence.

The extremists' response? Do they apologize for their errors? No, of course not. Like true-believers throughout history, when proven wrong, they deny any error, they attack the messenger, and they change their words but not their message. Thus, they no longer call it "global warming": it's now called "climate change". If new, real scientific evidence shows that there is no change in "climate change", extremists will deny that fact, attack the science and scientists, and rename "climate change" to -- what?.

Extremists are not concerned with science or truth. They are driven by their emotions and beliefs. They will continue to use unfounded claims to attack steak lovers, farmers, and everyone else connected with livestock and the meat industry.

For extremists:
Earth is their god.
Mankind is their devil.
Veganism is their religion.

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  1. Thanks Joe for sharing this. I hope that people realize that the news tends to revolve today around what's "sensational", facts optional. Farmers DO care about their environmental impact. Reporting that information doesn't get ratings.